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I am not responsible for any inaccuracies and subsequent errors from any information you receive from outside links.
Furthermore, this is not an endorsement of their products, services, ideas, or views. 

Various Online brokers:  Consider speed of execution, commission structure, customer service.

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TAX information for traders:



BullandBearWise.com  Get charts on all economic indicators! 

GoogleFinance - excellent, detailed, up to date.

Bloomberg News - Great resource

Financial Times of London - Euro news

dailyreckoning.com - For gold bugs and Libertarians

online.wsj.com - Wall St. Journal, some sections are for a fee.  

Barrons.com - Excellent weekend read for the big picture. 

briefing.com - General info, tons of necessary info on the markets. A pay site.

marketedge.com - Very useful, loaded with more data than you can use.

stocks.about.com - Types of orders, Market, Limit, etc. 

Traders Glossary and dictionary use Investopedia.com

economist.com - For the big, big picture!

finance.yahoo.com -   Trading ideas daily

streetinsider.com - for a fee you can get real time news

index makeup -  stocks comprising any index ...just a mother lode of data.

stockfetcher.com - provides trading ideas.  I am not recommending any one of these types of sites.  You could use it to see or confirm what those patterns look like.  In the end you get to make the decision based on what you know about charting.


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