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Trading system for trading stocks or options with sector rotation & market trend.

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Books, CDs, videos, websites, seminars are all helpful but they can't convey the essence of trading. Human behavior shown in market dynamics and charts is what coaching will bring to you. It's the missing link for most people.

Luck is temporary in this business. Knowledge, enough knowledge to develop your own trading system, stays with you forever. 
Save time, money, and lots of frustration, get a trading coach. Why would you want to risk money and time?

Come to the Trading Room to see how it's done. Give it a test drive for a day.
1...Search Broad Market Sectors Industry Trade Decision
Study the Market Environment

What is the short and long term trend of the S&P500, Nasdaq, the Dow? Why are the markets behaving that way?

Which sectors are moving the broad markets? In trending market there's always leadership that rotates over time.

Which industries are leading the way?

Do you trade the stock or the option? Do you go long or short, buy a call or a put? Maybe a futures contract? Do you hedge the trade?

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2...Analyze Scanning Watchlist Fundamentals Technicals
Find a Trade

You now know the market conditions. Now you need a stock to trade.  We find it by scanning the sectors and industries.

Do a general scan to find
candidates in the sector pushing the broad market up or down.
Which industries in that sector is pushing the sector up or down?

Create a bullish and a bearish watchlist of stocks picked by your review of the environment above.

If the fundamentals of the company are strong and the chart is positive you have a higher probability of success.

What is the chart telling you to anticipate next and how strong are the odds and probabilities?

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3...Act Entry Price Risk/Reward Exit Strategy Buy or Sell
We know which one we want.  Do we wait for a sale, or do we pay the going price?
We put together a plan, a strategy, that will get us our best price.  We execute the plan.
Where does the candle action of the daily, hourly, 15 and even 5 minute chart suggest as a good entry point? If I enter at this price level, how much would I make until the stock hits its next level of resistance (if long) or support level (if short)? Is it worth my 3% risk? Where does the candle action of the daily, hourly, 15 and even 5 minute chart suggest as a good exit point...at resistance or support? Pull the trigger- do it.  You are not going to make money unless you are in the market!

Did you win?  Did you lose? Move on to your next trade. Trading is a numbers game,
probabilities and odds that you
can put in your favor. 

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