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Stock market trading coach: trade stocks, options, sector rotation, technical analysis, and market dynamics.
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Typical General Routine of Traders.

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       Developing a trading routine, daily and weekly, goes hand in hand with the discipline of trading.  It takes routine discipline to search out potential trades and get the information that is critical and/or important to that potential trade.  Routines develop good habits and discipline.  If you don't have a routine, work hard at getting one together or call 772-663-8358 or email

     Everyone starts with some sort of organized process. Over time, you'll tweak the sites you use and trust them and plan accordingly. Avoid jumping and using 100 sites initially. You'll get confused easily as you'll note that all the information is not identical, and some may be contrary to what others say. 

Daily Routine:   

Some sites to consider: 

www.finfiz.com (for charting, sectors, scanning)   Free
www.briefing.com   (for news, market outlook)  Free & Pay
www.bloomberg.com      (news, commentary)   FREE
www.finance.google.com   (used for pre-market charting)  FREE

     Find one or two sites in each category below that you feel comfortable with and use them.

Market Environment Assessment:  

  1. www.marketwatch.com

  2. www.cnbc.com

  3. www.money.com

  4. finance.yahoo.com

  5. www.briefing.com   

Check Pre-market activity:  

  1. www.briefing.com 

  2. screening.nasdaq.com - Premarket activity

  3. dynamic.nasdaq.com - NASDAQ premarket activity and update

  4. CNBC T.V. or Bloomberg (your local cable channel)

  5. www.coveredcalls.com  -  Find cover call plays with 5 to 10% premium  

Check Sectors: 

  1. www.barchart.com 

  2. www.stockcharts.com  

  3. www.bigcharts.com

  4. www.smartmoney.com

  5. www.marketwatch.com

Check News on any open positions

  1. www.finance.yahoo.com

  2. www.earnings.com

  3. www.whispernumber.com

  4. www.briefing.com

Check Volatility

  1. ivolatility.com  - Options Tracking of volatility

  2. Check your current holdings/position charts:  Should you make any change in your stop-loss?  Where's the fear?  The greed?

  3. Any entry points in the setup?

  4. Is the setup still viable given market conditions?

  5. Should you keep it or discard it from your list...be a cherry picker with your watch list.

  6. Add to the list newfound potential breakout or entry points on bullish pullback or selling into a bear rally.

 Run New Scans for the day or week.

Weekly Routine                       


                Make note of the government economic releases, The Wall of Worry, coming this week.  Pay particular attention to the A-F rating that the indicator shows.  Needless to say, the As and Bs are important enough to have significant impact on the markets in some cases for weeks to come.


   Check upcoming earnings for the week.  Is a powerhouse announcing earnings this week, could it impact on your sector or your stock?

Run Scans thru various web sites or your own broker's software:  

  1. www.barchart.com - under "sectors", click on "monthly"- then run "flip charts". 

  2. www.cnnfn.com  

  3. www.wsj.com - the mother of all financials, for a fee.

  4. www.barrons.com  - excellentfor a fee.

  5. www.marketwatch.com

  6. www.investors.com  Investors Business Daily


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