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How to find a stock market trading coach that can teach you trading skills to profit in bull or bear markets.

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It may be old fashioned to post testimonials but all here are full transcripts not excerpts

Traders eventually get home runs trading the stock market. Home runs are great, but they are not what you're really after... consistency is what you want.  Singles, doubles... works just fine. It's the law of large numbers; the more you take trades when the odds are in your favor, the more you enhance the probability of being in the right place at the right time.

I try not to include comments about performance because what one person does is relative only to them. How much they are working with, what risk will they accept, etc., all have a material impact.  So someone else's performance is of no importance to you.
There are only three instances of dollars in the comments below outlined in black, it's the size of the winners they had which is why I include them. You might say, "Yes, but they started with more money."  Maybe, but it's all relative considering percentage gain.

This is the kind of information I require before I would even think about trading again.  These guys are good.   I don’t know if the institutional sales info is available anywhere for free.  I told you I’d send you contact info for my mentor: John Robichaud, (772-663-8358), http://www.wallstwise.com wsw@wallstwise.com.  He is good and I think his training is reasonably priced considering what he can teach you.
Bill in Hawaii
Hello John,
Yes please, I would like to continue getting Trader Thoughts. I continue to learn how to think about the market and what might happen after reading all the tea leaves. I find it very interesting and am very thankful that you enjoy writing about and trading the market and then share it with us, your current and former student.
Thank you......Jean

Hi John,
I would like to continue to receive your Trader Thoughts. No fear, you have helped me to learn how to trade both ways. I have had a couple of nice short trades recently. Just wish I could find more time to be active in the market! Thanks
--Jeff G.     

John, I certainly do want to continue receiving Trader Thoughts. Your coaching helped me to get started in trading, and I always mention your name to anyone who expresses an interest in stocks or options. Thank you, --- Jason F.                        

Here is my testimonial: I was a public school teacher for eighteen years, and I always tried to teach my students to THINK, a hard to test skill that would serve them well through life. I deplore the recent "teach for the test" mentality now prevalent in the classrooms. Using the same "learn to think" philosophy, John Robichaud teaches his market trading students well. I have taken lessons for over a year and even at my advanced age have learned a great deal. John is always very patient, and his lessons and Trader 3500" are way more fun than playing dominoes at the Senior Citizen Center. Joanne F.
  The note below is from Kim, a photographer by trade when I met her. She took sessions, we traded side by side... and then she changed in a big way. Kim is an example of success in two ways... she learned to trade, she changed careers in a big way. The Trader Thoughts she refers to are my daily market commentary and analysis.


I hope you send this to your trader thoughts subscribers.

I have been a student for almost 4 years with John. I started this venture with no knowledge other then my investments that my broker placed while allocating my assets. After 4 yrs, I have passed my CMT1 (chartered market technician) test, which trust me, and or ask John how difficult this is and I still have two more levels of technical analysis exams to be considered as a Chartist. You may want to check out the Market Technicians Association.

If you are only in this for the stock picks you are doing yourself an injustice. The market is more than stock picks. If that is all this is about then listen to Cramer, let the stock run up from the Cramer effect and the short it. Or may want to google the Cramer effect or talk to a few traders and hear their results from following Cramer. Remember that the show is for entertainment purposes only

Stock picks may have worked great a few years ago, but now that capitalism has been changed by our government and the free market is no longer free. I believe that you need to know the workings of the market, a foundation of economics (and not just from your college professor) along with the thoughts of many traders and what they think, feel as they look at the economic indicators, the market and what the government is doing.

To bring my thoughts to a close....you are doing yourself an injustice by not reading the trader thoughts and seeing how a trader views the market. I have impressed many MEN on wall street and the technical analysis in the back room of the top firms with my knowledge that I have gained from John. I do not have a finance degree and have never had an economics class. I have impressed many in the financial field recently at meetings quoting from Johns traders thoughts when I didn't have the time to do my own due diligence on the market that day.

Good luck in your trading and remember to pay attention to the charts, economic indicators and what real traders are thinking and doing.

Kimberly L. Jamieson

 In response to a "hello, how are you doing" email I sent to Jerry, this was his response... gotta' love it:

"Thanks for thinking of me. Time does fly, my trip was in 2007, Wow. Yes I am trading but at a much longer time frame and less stress and more success . I read your trader thoughts every day and believe it is the main factor in my accounts success up 150% since the 2008 highs. I get in when the worst is forecast but never all at once. Get out when the good times r here, but never all at once. I have been out since April when the SPX was at 1413. If today's selling holds with vol. I will reenter 25% of my account at close. I will watch those long term bearish patterns and have plenty of cash if they play out. Or if a massive QE whatever comes next, then I will be ready too. I have learned capital preservation is key, not be greedy, and be grateful for teachers like u! Cheers John, Jerry" - 
“John is extremely well versed in the trading and investment arena. He is patient, well organized, thoughtful and resourceful. He has a unique talent in getting people to experience the "aha" moment in training. Since working with John I have become a much more disciplined investor and have seen my results improve markedly. The added results have paid for John's fees many times over. John is always willing to put the effort in to make sure that his students succeed.”-- Mike R.   (also on LinkedIn)
“Do not even think about investing unless you know what John can teach you. You can never trust a broker, they are salesmen. You can trust John. He s an outstanding teacher with years of experience. He will not tell you what to buy, but he will teach you what you need to know to invest wisely.” Bill S.  (also on LinkedIn)
“In short, John is magnificent!!! The time he spent coaching me is truly unforgettable. In just one session of doing live trading, I almost quadrupled the amount he charged me for the sessions. He has a vast amount of tools to share, tremendous amount of experience, and practical knowledge. I would recommend his coaching to anyone. Hands down. His ability to coach via online methods, makes his coaching available to anyone on the planet. Most importantly, I felt like he really cared about my success. Thanks a million John!! I will use your services again.”   (also on LinkedIn)

Hi John,
I thought you’d like to hear a “Student done good” story – on Monday I got stopped out of SLV but got back in after a reversal to the upside, then on Tuesday I put on straddles on SLV and AGQ and SDS, because I figured SOMETHING was going to happen (I bought my first puts!). I put about a 20% stop on both sides of the straddles, when SLV took off today the puts fell off and my account went up $86k, I sold my entire position at the close to make sure I get to keep it. I am now totally out of SLV/AGQ (for now) and will sleep just fine tonight. Thanks for all your help! I look forward to talking Saturday. -- 
Craig W. S.

I wanted to give you some feedback regarding your 'Daily Commentary'.... (re: the Trader 2011)
I have found it to be invaluable to have you as part of my trading day. I realized the first week that it can and does have an VERY positive impact on my trading decisions. The questions and comments from other participants only enhances the experience. Financially the monthly fee was easily covered through ideas and suggestions received in the first few days! Who knows how much money stayed in my account by listening to your comments and waited.
Your new service is a must for serious students and investors!
Cannot thank you enough!
Dr. Jeffrey Williams MD MBA

Just a quick note to thank you for your support this past year as I studied trading.  You daily thoughts and encouragement pushed me to learn.  I was so disappointed that you canceled the webinar.
I have worked hard and I am now profiting apx $1,000.00 a week.  This is all due to my strict discipline that you have taught me.   I have learned this is not a get rich quick scheme and not to bet the ranch for a quick buck.  I have learned it is strict discipline and calculated risk and reward. 

Thank you for the encouragement and your constant support!
Kimberly J.

John Robichaud is the trading coach who really taught me how to think and trade  the markets properly.  There are no other services like his that i’ve seen in the entire stock market.  Everyone just wants to sell you something without really being honest with you about the depth of knowledge and commitment that one must have to be consistently successful in the stock markets.  He gives most of what they are trying to sell you away for FREE on his own site.

Through his mentorship and his incredible Finviz channel, I have learned more about the true inner workings of the market than all of the courses/ books that I’ve ever taken/read, with the exception of Mark Douglas’s incredible book “Trading in the Zone”.

John is a coach like no other.  His mastery and depth of knowledge shows up constantly in all of his great stock picks and every comment that he posts on his site.  Not only that, he is constantly available by instant messaging to answer any queries you may have and just talk to and trade the markets with.  He understands economics, finance, psychology and all the other forces that drive prices in the stock markets.... Ted H.  - Canada 

- I don't really recall having an obstacle that would have prevented me from signing on with you.  ...  What I appreciated the most was your organization and being prepared for me the student.  Another factor is you portray your passion for the market from the get go and that feeds the students fire to want to be able to trade the markets like you. 
- Your dedication to your students is indescribable.  You are able to empathize and understand because you have walked the very same road your students will walk.  Your honesty is also a huge factor.  What I found with signing on with you is that this is something i can do with the right guidance and discipline.  You have everything laid out in simple terms and you give ample amount websites one can work with to learn this.  You are the real deal and that is the only type of person one should learn from.  You genuinely want your students to succeed at this, that is rare thing in this field.  You don't put us on an assembly line and walk away when session is over.  Your accessibility to the students is also another thing you won't find anywhere else.  I can easily say I would have probably walked away from this a long time ago with out your guidance,  due to frustration.  Thank you for being so patient.
- What I like about your coaching technique is the learning didn't end when the sessions did.  Again your accessibility is key to your students.  Also your website was a huge factor in my learning.  I would be able to go there and print off items and bookmark key websites for myself to work with and learn from.  The book stuff is important and necessary, but you were key in taking all of the book items and putting them together for me to apply to take trades.
- As you know I worked with TMTT also and by far in comparison you blow them out of the water.  You have given me the drive to want to succeed at this by not just showing how to use all of the information I gather but by believing and having a vested interest in my success and that sets you light years away from others who teach trading.  The benefits of working with you are many.  Examples being how news can affect market (all news including overseas news and markets), how to read and prepare for earnings, and how emotions have no place in trading.  You have shown me the cycles the market goes through, such as with earnings starting again I know how to be more prepared to trade the earning season and what to watch for, how to interpret the earnings announcements so on and so forth.  I have a gold mine of information you have taught me that I have accumulated over the years and how to put all of that to work for me.  That is so key to this. 
You also stress the discipline which I know is difficult for me for I don't know what reason considering I have OCD.  You have stressed that from the get go, which can be the largest piece to this puzzle to succeed.  If you don't have an account you can't trade.  I unfortunately found that out the hard way.
The biggest benefit by far though is working with you one-on-one - your experience in this has been key to my learning.  Your sessions and you having come to the house were huge in my learning process during the open market time.  Doing actual trades together and watching and listening as the trade played right out in front of my face.  Specific examples I still remember where on MA and DE. 
- I would never hesitate to hand some one your name if they have interest in the market - I think anyone would be wasting their time and money going anywhere else to do so.  Your honesty, people person, patience, experience, intelligence, etc.... 
- I am not sure there would be much to add other than there is not much more you can feasibly do as a coach.  You give the student literally everything they need to be able to trade.  The one thing that is out of your hands Yoda is how a students takes that information and uses it.  The fact that you let your students know that this is not an easy endeavor shows your honesty and dedication to them.  I could appreciate the fact that this was something to be worked at and will always put the time in necessary.  I still have yet to get the discipline down pat and get my confidence going. 
- You are all around a great coach, person, and a successful trader.  The perfect role model for any of your students.  You show dedication, desire, passion, interest, knowledge, and you are very good at using those qualities to teach your students.
Kim S. (Green Bay)
Hi John! My name is Melissa and I spoke to you last year about getting sessions for Casey. I wanted to let you know a couple of things...
1) The coaching sessions that Casey has had with you has changed his life. As you can probably tell, Casey is a very sweet and quiet person. A man of few words. There are only a couple of things that tend to really light him up. During and after your coaching, I was able see how much he enjoys and is fascinated by learning about the stock market. I don't know the details or terminology of what he does with the market and I know he has a lot more to learn - but I LOVE his passion for it. My goal is to begin to make more than enough for us so that he is able to focus on the market all day, instead of running the rat race of corporate America:) Thank you for being the great mentor that you are. I know that Casey will be enrolling with you again at some point down the line. 
2) My friend, Tonya, may be contacting you to get sessions for her husband for Christmas. They live in South Carolina. Good people:) I hope they make the decision to enroll with you.
I hope to get to meet you one day. 

John - Thanks for everything I've haven't had the chance to personally acknowledge you. You've been one of the most knowledgeable and open coaches I've ever had in my life on any subject. Not only you are an absolute expert in trading, but it is inspiring to see your energy and commitment at 100% to teach 90 minutes after the call started... this means a lot to the student, it is not about the money but about learning the basics to make money... -  A.J.

It's been a few weeks since I completed four months under your mentorship.  As the saying goes....."time flies when you're having fun (and making money)".  Thanks so much for sharing your experience and all of the wonderful resources that have taken you so many years to accumulate.  While I was a bit cautious at first, you quickly put me at ease as you assessed exactly how we should best proceed to turn my very "fundamentalist investor" bias into a balanced approach more suited to active trading in the fast paced online marketplace.  I still recall your truisms and advice throughout my daily and weekly routines, and I work confidently now knowing that I am well prepared to make  competent assessments and trades.  Your shared insight into the psychology of the market has been invaluable.  I especially appreciate your continued support and contact... as you seem to magically know just what additional coaching you still need to send my way via email at just the right time !!   Many thanks too for the wonderful website and all of the web links that I still reference frequently.  I know that there is much yet that I can learn and improve, and look forward to sharing some additional time together in the future. Bottom line.....you're the best.  You delivered as promised, and then some.
Take Care, and once again...many thanks.  - Gayle

"...You have helped me more then you will ever know and my time with you has been great!!! I love talking economics with you because I find it so interesting and you know so much.  You have given me so many website not to mention your webpage that has so much to help someone like me, I really appreciate it so much. I do have a plan to get me going so keep your fingers crossed for me.    Thanks for everything, Syl

"I now have a different company coach that I am not finding near as helpful as you are.  Just wanted to let you know that I think you are a great coach and when I need more help I will be in contact."   Thanks, Jerry

"Your emails and your information is right on target and extremely helpful... today, i am in a very good shock... after reading your daily emails and spending 6 or 8 sessions with you, five weeks ago i decided to nibble with swing trading...i started with a $350,000 account with scottrade that has no ability to take bracket orders or stops... today, after the closing of today's market, that account is over $850,000...i never dreamed that with your help, i would be doing this well... your teaching has done wonders for me...and if have only had time to go over approx 20% of the questions i actually have in order to become a better trader...i wish to give credit where credit is due, and you are simply incredible...if you are available and if you have an opening this weekend, i can meet sometime on saturday, or else early on sunday morning...my sincere thanks, Doug"  <<Doug was not a beginner but he started trading options and it all worked...rather welI.

  I was looking for someone to teach me how to trade the market, and I found exactly what I was looking for in John Robichaud.  He is one of those great teachers that one comes across only a few times in a lifetime.  John is extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, from the minutia of what all the indicators mean to how to interpret the macroeconomics.  He has given me a body of knowledge, with explanations of the human activity that moves the markets, that is all those numbers on those pesky charts and turned me onto the excitement and interest of it all.  I was looking for a way to make money, but now I feel that not only can I profit monetarily, I am also having fun doing it.

In addition to that, John is a very patient teacher and extra generous with his time.  He also
charges a fair price so it is good value!

If you want a good coach check out his website.  Everything is actually there to learn by yourself for free, but if you want
a person to guide and support you in a continuing, enthusiastic hands on way, John is a great choice.  In Appreciation, Rita S.

Watching and having John at your side for three complete days I think is what is going to make me or anyone successful at this whole adventure.  He was willing to give me all the time I wanted and having 100% of his attention on you is what makes this unique.  He watches what you do, how you do it, react to it and understand it.  You also get the opportunity to watch what he does and will explain to you his reasons for his routines.  I am planning on having John come out again next summer,  by that time I am hoping to take everything to yet another level.  Having him sit next to me and explain and help me prepare for the trading day, work the trading day, and end the day was a huge asset.   He also helps you set attainable goals with what you know and what you have.   I know making the decision to have John come here was well worth every penny spent, because I now see that I can make it up in no time with the proper routine and discipline that John helped me set up for myself.  I now feel much more comfortable in my decision making, and I am now taking more trades and more contracts with my trades with the confidence that he instilled in me.  Best Regards,  Kim S. in Green Bay

I would be more than happy to answer your questions regarding John.  I believe that I first started with him probably about a year ago.

My husband and I had been to a few seminars, purchased  a trading program and started with absolutely no experience.  I had several sessions with John as my mentor/ coach last year and yes I was actively trading.  Things were going really well, I felt confident in the market with the information that I had learned, and I was making money.

Life got busy and I stopped putting in the time to actively trade, and felt like I'd lost my edge; so I contacted John again for additional mentoring sessions.
I believe that his style of coaching is probably geared to the individual student.  Although I began with absolutely no knowledge, I wanted to learn at a rapid pace, and John was willing to teach at this pace, but made absolutely sure that I understood what I was learning before proceeding further into the "market".

 I continued to attend additional seminars as I had already paid for a package deal) and can tell you that the coaching/teaching that I have received from John far exceeds the "expensive seminars" that I have attended as well as the information learned.

John has a knack for bringing the complicated world of trading into a simple everyday understandable language and system that is easy to learn and apply, and ultimately make money at; if you invest the time!!  

I did learn information at the seminars that I attended,  but I attribute my success in learning and understanding the stock market to JOHN.  He really is an amazing coach and seems to know where your weaknesses and strengths lie as well as how to tap into them to maximize the coaching experience.

I can tell you that I intend to be trading on a full time basis next year.  (I need to put more time in currently in order to progress)  I will continue to contract with John as my mentor/coach as I believe that his methodology, coaching skills and level of expertise span from beginner to expert  level.  He is readily available, flexible, has great people skills and his knowledge of the market continues to amaze me.  I am obviously quite impressed with his services!!!

I don't tend to recommend people or services readily, as my standards are quite high in this regard, but I would recommend John Robichaud to anyone who has a willingness and desire to learn and succeed as a trader in the stock market.  He really is terrific!

Please feel free to email me if you have more questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them. Sincerely, Kelly L

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I have always received what I expected and more, much more...  You have been very patient with any and all questions...
I specially like that you can control my cursor and navigate to needed web sites rather than  wait for me to hunt and peck for the same web site.  The sessions become very profitable as to time use and content.  The sessions are personable and not canned.  John you keep giving me more and more insights into to effective trading.
I  have spent thousands of dollars in the past to learn to trade--- BUT I have received more value and more on going value by times with John than all the other times put together.  I would like to have had some of that money back and invest in more weekly times with John. 
I  have had to adapt to a different approach to trading models or strategies from when I first started. John has helped me make the change with his hands on approach and personable
guiding style.
The website is the most comprehensive website and it is constantly being added to.  The great advantage is it directs me to free or less expensive tools that are very helpful.  Many so-called seminars and workshops offer a morsel of information but have to pay more and more to get more morsels...  John's web site is comprehensive and total with multiple links to additional resources.
When you added the website to the individual, personal-focused weekly sessions, you have a powerful trading education that is second to none... 
Now that John has added the monthly/weekly  stock possibilities, he not only mentions some stocks to explore but also continually sends email to follow the ever changing market that also could affect any stock possibilities. 
John is available for personal contact beyond the weekly sessions.  He wants me to be successful, and he will do anything he can to help me understand. I would recommend the site, the sessions and the follow-up.  They are all worth more than the money cost paid.  In this day and age when one wants to get his/her money's worth,  what John provides is the best value in the market today...
These are some of my thoughts of the great appreciation  for the opportunity I have learned to benefit from your teaching.  I may not have made much money YET, but I will, I know it will come.  B. G.

In response to a skeptical student prospect, this student writes...
It is good to hear from you.
As to what level I was at when I started trading.  I would consider myself to have been a beginner.  Even though I did trade options through a broker in the late “80’s”, I did not do the work required to make the choices.  In addition, I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, so I do understated principles behind the numbers and types of financial instruments.  So why did I consider myself to be a beginner because I really needed was to learn how to read price, volume, chart patterns and how to follow the sector rotation. John has been of great help in these areas and many others.  I would now consider my skill level to be at the start of the intermediate level.

His style of teaching:  John does use a syllabus and follows it throughout your training. It is setup for beginner and intermediate students.  He has modified it some from me, but he tries to stick with the program. Also, he is willing to take extra time to cover a subject that you need help in.

I am currently trading options.  John’s trading has made a difference in my success.
  I have made a profit from trading, but I need to do better at getting out of a trade when it is losing.  Advice:  Use a stop loss.  Write down your trading rules and stick to them.
Please feel free to contact me at anytime by e-mail or phone.  Happy trading…
Tim R.

I was first introduced to John last March or April of 2005 through a different company program.  I had paid about $3000 for 10 sessions that also included 1 year of on demand access to a coach when I had question.  I also paid $3000 for four days of one-on-one mentoring by another coach that I learned from, but not the things that I wanted to learn.  So picking a coach is an important choice and can pay big time or be a waste of money!  I was so happy with John that when he discontinued working with TMTT.   I re-hired him last February for 10 more session.

John is very knowledgeable about the market and has a good number of years of experience trading.  As a business major I can tell that he really understands the nut & bolts of trading.  So for me I have no doubts that John understands the market and the types of ways a trade can be done.

I was coached my John a couple of years ago and also did a 10 session with him a year ago.  John is very knowledgeable with the market and trading the market.  He eats and sleeps the market (truly), he reads and studies the market every day.  John produces his income with the market, so you can see his commitment it extremely high.

John takes his time to find out where you are and what you want out of your sessions, then tailor makes your sessions just for you.  He has wonderful patience and a way about him to make the information understandable at your level and rate of your growing knowledge.  I have stayed in touch with John and from time to time we talk over some ideas I have for my own trading, but he lets you make the choice's for your trades.  He gives us some of his thoughts on the general market and climate of Wall Street which is very helpful.  John does so much more it would take a long time to go over them.  He really does so many little things and most importantly doesn't leave you hanging at the end of your sessions.  He will be available to you.

John is great and I don't think you'll find anyone better to work with.  Good Luck !!!   Ray M

 Please accept this note in reference to the support I have received from John regarding trading.  Coaching is an important tool in learning the trading business and John has always been available to guide and support me through the sometimes tough learning process.  One can not get all the nuances through books or in-services.  Questions always arise.  Good luck in the future and remember the discipline that John explains and why it is so necessary to making money in trading... Marvella M.

I have know John as a trading coach for 2.5 years. 1st in online classes for 2 months then as support for the last 2+ years [instant mess. emails]  I found John to be a excellent teacher his years of experience and ability to deliver information in a way that can be understood with a nice sense of humor makes him the greatest tool. He will make you money if you put in the work and trade your plan.... no question. He is so much better than the big money trading schools [which I have done]. The ability to instant message a pro when you first start out is worth it weight in gold!  
  JUST DO IT!!   Have fun,  Jerry

"I am delighted to receive your e-mail.  I'll visit your web site next.  You were a great teacher for me. I learned a lot.  January 30 - Feb2, 2006, I'll be in Idaho... I'd be happy for the opportunity to work under your guidance again... I thought of you and your family during the storms last fall. I do hope that you are all safe and well."  Best regards, Joanne

"I am just being honest, I do not personally know you but I can easily spot the people that deserve my admiration, respect
and loyalty. There are not too many, and I am very humble with you giving me the opportunity to learn from you, even though you do not need to do that, but if you want to pass on a legacy, please seriously consider me for that, I will do my best to not disappoint you because of
my commitment to learn." - Jose

"So again, thanks so much for the coaching that I did with you, and if and when I feel the need for a mentor in the future, I will certainly call on you. Joyous and prosperous New Year to you," - Barbara 

"I want to say that I am absolutely amazed at the information John Robichaud provided me. John gave me a very solid technical basis for trading. I don't think there was any other way I could have gotten so much information in such a short time. I feel he has provided me a Masters Degree in Trading. There is no place I could have gotten a comparable education for any price. I believe I now have the technical background necessary to trade successfully. Time will tell." Bill S. 

John coached us several years ago and we were very pleased with his knowledge and support of us as we learned to trade the market.  Obviously, we still have contact with him and we are pleased to have the  pleasure of depending on John for advise and answers to  our many questions over  the years. We have found his response time to be immediate and accurate.- M. H.M

I have been studying with John Robichaud for about a year now... Most of it formally through paid sessions and some of it through the kindness and generosity of his heart by giving me extra attention through e-mails and instant messaging, but I know that he makes himself available like this to everyone he coaches. 

I knew a little about trading when I started and now have a solid base to practice with and make small trades.

John is a generous, smart and patient coach/teacher.  He teaches this as a serious business and not as a gamble.  I started this as a way to make money and now am also having a ot of fun with it.  I am taking it slow as that is both my nature and time availability. 

I am starting to show results in my virtual trading and this past week in particular.. I have been grasping the realities of small losses and letting my winners go (DRYS)... I fully expect myself to be doing this for real money in the near future and be a success at it.. and when I have my doubts John has been there to encourage me.. So, check him out, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  He is also honest and very fair in his pricing.  Sincerely, Rita S.

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I received an email from John Robichaud, my previous trading coach, asking some of his students to send you a reference. I had John as a coach about a year and a half ago. He knows the market and in my opinion is a good coach. His website is extremely useful and I still use it all the time; especially the routine page. There is a tremendous amount of information you can learn just by studying his website. The problem is what to do with all that information once you learn it. That's where the coaching comes in. It will give you direction and the knowledge of what to do next. It's just like learning anything else. You can read twenty books on how to build a house but without the actual hands on training you probably won't get past the foundation. He will show you how to use the information you learn. Trust me, the stock market can be confusing and without guidance that confusion multiplies. If you have the time and the devotion John will show you the way. I'm still on John's mailing list so I still get valuable information from him. Before I had John as a coach, I took some trading class's and I easily paid double the price for the classes maybe even triple. John is a good investment if you're serious about trading. Feel free to email me if you have a question. - Bryan

Dave and I are both continuing with the "fear and greed" challenges of the market. I feel we learn more every day . just going through some of the info that we have from you, and educational websites.

I'm finding trailing stops are an excellent way to not be tied up emotionally in getting out of a position.  I've especially appreciated them this past week on AAPL  as it had a great run up.  Dave is still working and uses them frequently. Because we're both trading in IRAs we have stuck pretty much to buying calls and puts, straddles, strangles, and stocks themselves.  We haven't done shorts on anything. ..." Thanks, Dave and Lynda

I can highly recommend John as a market coach, He is very good at communicating information to the beginner to advanced student. His style as a coach is very refreshing in that he is willing to give his opinion not just feed you information from a text. Also I find his personality very enjoyable to spend hours in a phone class, which was big to me in a 10 to 16 class time frame. Bottom line with John you get decades of making a living in the market, not talking about it but doing it, for a steal! He will give you all the tools to be a successful trader and have fun doing it. What more do you want? - Jerry S. 

I have had the greatest coaching from John Robichaud.  He is one of only two people in the whole world I trust with my computer and learning.  He has given me the necessary tools and direction at a fraction of the cost that I had spent on other programs.  I have gained far more with John.  He is more than just a coach.  He is a caring, feeling person interested in whatever makes me successful--in trading and as a person.  He takes a deep interest in whatever my needs to help me.  He never gets impatient with my questions and concerns.  He takes whatever time is needed to help me gain what I need to understand, become confident to trade. He will go as fast or as slow as I need and John never becomes impatient.  His website is always in process of improving and making more links to help his students find necessary research at fraction of cost or free sites.  - B.G

I have always received what I expected and more, much more...  You have been very patient with any and all questions...
I specially like that you can control my cursor and navigate to needed web sites rather than  wait for me to hunt and peck for the same web site.  The sessions become very profitable as to time use and content.  The sessions are personable and not canned.  John you keep giving me more and more insights into to effective trading.
I  have spent thousands of dollars in the past to learn to trade--- BUT I have received more value and more on going value by times with John than all the other times put together.  I would like to have had some of that money back and invest in more weekly times with John. 
I  have had to adapt to a different approach to trading models or strategies from when I first started. John has helped me make the change with his hands on approach and personable 

Hey Teach,  "Glad I am getting back into the arena as I have a 'good one' to help me. Thank you.
If  I could be honest with you, it's the following that I am looking to make myself well versed in, OPTIONS Trading and more emphatically, covered calls and spreads.... the correct mechanics of actually doing the trades and to achieve this end: I wish to give whole heartedly my: energy, time and devotion. Help me to achieve the right knowledge and direction, a routine that I would be faithful to and results that will make you proud as my mentor, coach &  counselor.
As the saying goes : "When the student is ready, the TEACHER appears." - Arthur L.

John: Thanks so much for the info.  I learned so much from you as a trainer / coach and now enjoy receiving the tidbits you e-mail me. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do." Thanks again!! - Tammie

I had been reading about technical analysis and one of the authors had suggested seeking out a trading coach.  Your site came up in my web search of the term "trading coach".  I was impressed by the site in that it contained so much free educational information, but I was really more impressed by what it did not say or promise.  I did not want to buy a gimmick or a "secret".....I wanted to be educated and mentored.  I knew that I wanted a process that could evolve over time, so that I could explore information and techniques, formulate questions, test assumptions and have someone to coach me through that process.  Hope this helps, John.  (The pet pooch in the picture didn't hurt, either !) - GW

I can highly recommend John as a market coach, He is very good at communicating information to the beginner to advanced student. His style as a coach is very refreshing in that he is willing to give his opinion not just feed you information from a text. Also I find his personality very enjoyable to spend hours in a phone class, which was big to me in a 10 to 16 class time frame. Bottom line with John you get decades of making a living in the market, not talking about it but doing it, for a steal! He will give you all the tools to be a successful trader and have fun doing it. What more do you want?  J.S. 

"Thank you so much for your coaching.  I've learned a great deal about trading. Every day, I am applying your teaching to my trading. 
Most of my friends are very much busy with working day after day.  However, if
I come across anyone who likes to learn about trading, I will definitely refer him or her to you. Let's keep in touch." - Sam

"Thanks for the card John. We are doing okay, gaining confidence and starting to have more positive than negative trades. We check your site and read your updates regularly. Have a great holiday season," - B.R. 

John, Thanks for the good wishes. It was a good learning time. You got it all started, thanks.  Best Wishes, JMP

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