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Learn to trade with over thirty-five years of experience with a trading coach for stocks or options trading.

If you think experience trading the stock market isn't important, see what ignorance will cost.

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John Robichaud
Stock and options trading requires knowledge, skills, and discipline.
Stop worrying about what the market might do, and learn to trade what the market is doing.

Learn what to do in order not to lose money, and you begin to learn what to do in order to win.

 You learn! I teach, you learn. Let that sink in.

My name is John Robichaud and helping new traders or experienced traders get better at their craft is nothing less than a passion of mine. Though no longer an active broker, retired now, I am an active trader. In my 35 years in this business I've seen borderline hyperinflation as in the 1970s, the crash of October 1987, the Russian Crisis of 1998, the dotcom bust of 2000, and our recent 2007-08 crisis.

Your decision to use a coach shows your commitment and desire to succeed in trading the stock market.  That is half the battle, whether you are new to trading or not. 

     I have been in the financial services industry since 1975 starting with Prudential Insurance, later as a financial planner with what is now Ameriprise Financial, as a stockbroker since 1982, and a trader, the way you are about to learn it, since 1996. I should point out that this is not a "trading system" that I teach. This is enough education regarding trading so that you can create your own trading system, or certainly better understand some trading system you do choose to follow.

     As a stockbroker, I was with Shearson-Lehman Bros and Prudential Securities as well as a regional firm in Washington, D.C., (Ferris, Baker, Watts, Inc.).  I was also a registered investment advisor though I no longer give specific investment advice. I day traded during 1996 and 1997 with a boutique operation in Baltimore, Md.  I have been coaching traders and beginning traders since 2002.

It is a mistake to think that stockbrokers are naturally good traders by virtue of their profession. They are not.  While I played at trading and cursed the results, there was a broker in my office who did anything but get upset while he traded.  In fact, I noticed that he was having a good time during trading hours.  He knew something that I did not. 

     Sensing my frustration, he approached me offering to show me the "rules" of trading. I put my ego aside, grudgingly, and listened. His opening comment to me about trading was this:   

 "You first must decide if you want to make money in the stock market, or if you want to be right." 

     My troubles, he said, stemmed from my insistence that I was 'right' and the market was 'wrong'.  I choose the 'make money' route.  Though I did not refer to him as a coach at that time, that is exactly what he was doing– coaching.

     What can you expect from our time together?  There is no magic bullet for trading, sorry.  Traders all have a unique philosophical approach.  Generally, this philosophy has to change to accepting what the market gives the trader and not what the trader demands of the market.  For that matter, we all have a unique relationship to money.  You and I will determine that relationship first and further develop a game plan that will encompass your trading goals within your risk parameters.  You are here to learn and earn.  I am with you to see if you are applying what you have learned.  Learning is a process, a building block process.  It is during this process that you are going to make mistakes.  Good...that's what practice is for- to learn.

     Students ask me why I coach. Trading can be boring if all you do is watch charts.  I do this because I live and breathe this "stuff".  I love the markets. No, I don't like them when I have a loss... no one likes losses.  I do it because I have always been making people aware of their financial potential when I was a broker and advisor.  As a teacher, I love to see the 'light go on' as I educate students about how to trade the markets. I don't necessarily trade daily, I try to be an opportunist, and knowing what I know affords me the ability to take advantage of opportunities when the market presents them.  As long as I am here at the machine watching, trading... I can talk with you and teach you how to trade while linked to your computer.

     So teaching and coaching simply makes me more productive, more useful, and indeed improves my own trading by keeping me that much more in touch with the daily push and pull of fear and greed. That's really what it's all about for me. This is a win-win situation for us.

     Don't take my word for it, visit my testimonials page for full text of students' comments; don't forget to read the disclaimer.

To your successful trading,

John Robichaud
Managing Director, WSW, LLC

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