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As with anything worth learning, there's a fortune to be made selling books on the matter.
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Reading Recommendations 

     All are excellent, classic reading on trading. I've read them all and many more. Traders are forever looking for a little nugget of wisdom they never
 knew about, which explains why books are always available, plentiful, and helpful.
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  "Trading for a Living" ... learn about the psychology of trading. Yes, it's important - by Dr. Alex Elders  

  "Technical Analysis for Dummies" Excellent!  Get this book -  it will help you to make sense of it all...highly recommended - by Barbara Rockefeller  

  "Candlestick Charting Explained" The authoritative abbreviated version (cheaper) of Steve Nison's classic on candlesticks - by Greg Morris

  "The Market Makers Edge" - A great overview of tying it all together - by Josh Lukeman

  "A Beginner's Guide To Day Trading Online"   -  Probably the most popular such book  - by Toni Turner

  "The Options Workbook" ...Get ready for your option trading - by Anthony Saliba

  "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" This book was written in 1923 and it will still teach you about trading psychology and emotions - by Edwin Lefevre

  "The Master Swing Trader".. Not for beginners!  Tools and techniques for short-term trade opportunities.  This is advanced technical regarding charts, setups, entry, exits, but excellent if you are serious in the long term - by Alan Farley

  "The Demise of the Dollar" ..learn about strong dollar vs. weak dollar consequences and investing alternatives -  by Addison Wiggin. 

  "Predicting Market Trends" ... (only available in DVD format).. if the trend is your friend then it would be nice to be able to identify them early - by Alan Farley

   "Fundamental Analysis for Dummies" ... we talk about fundamental analysis, maybe we should really understand it... by Matt Krantz

"Economics For Dummies" ... you'll hear and read about economic developments every single day in the market, wouldn't it be nice to appreciate the implications
of what you just heard on CNBC or Bloomberg? - by Sean Flynn

"Market Indicators" ... using indicators - from put/call ratios to COT reports - that pros use every day... not necessarily for absolute beginners but certainly is
something that belongs in your trading library - by Richard Sipley

"Intermarket Analysis - Profiting from global market relationships"... markets just don't go up and down on their own in a vacuum. They act and react to
forces greater than themselves... to catch big trends you need to know how this works. This is written in plain English, not economics-talk, with simple
charts to understand... Excellent resource - by John J. Murphy

  "Technical Analysis Explained" - Pretty much the holy grail and bible wrapped in one text book... Excellent - by Martin J. Pring
  "Options As A Strategic Investment" - For options trading, this is the holy grail and bible wrapped in one text book... by Lawrence G. McMillan

  "The Atlas of Economic Indicators" -  a visual guide to market forces and the Fed Reserve. Even though it's called an atlas, it's only 232 pages. And very old, hopefully not out of print and therefore very cheap. Get it.

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