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 This Trading Room Video Was Recorded >>  Nov. 30 2018.

Remember: I am not telling you WHAT to trade, only HOW to trade.

This is a sample of what you see and learn in the Trading Room. Join us and learn.

Some of this material may be new to you, that's why you're here... to learn. I'm teaching "how to trade," not so much what to trade. Once you learn how, you can trade whatever you want.

 The Trading Room is live daily M -F at 9:00a.m.to 10:15a.m. ET depending on the volatility of the market.

  It is important that you understand that what you see and hear in the video is applicable to long and short-term trading as well as day trading when discussing chart patterns regardless of the time frame. In other words, everything that is said relative to chart patterns and relationships is true for all time frames whether minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

 The beauty of short-term charts is the ability to see quickly, in minutes rather than days, whether your read of the pattern or expectation is correct. The point is that charts are read the same way over ALL time frames.

 Finally, If you're new to trading, much of this seems alien, you may feel overwhelmed simply because it is new to you. My assurance to you is that there is method to the madness. If you track the action from day to day you will see the same charts, indicators, relationships being used to show you the "method" in the madness. I try to show you the reliability, though not the infallibility, of reading the technicals- the charts.

 Ultimately, I combine knowledge of the fundamentals that drive the markets and take that into consideration as I look at the chart action which hopefully is confirming the fundamentals.

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