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Learn to trade and stop seeing red.

Doing due diligence is simply common sense!
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Stock Research to do for Due Diligence

Day traders may not be interested in this detail, but someone with a longer term horizon would be.
But more important than that is simply the fact that it is helpful for anyone to know, understand and
appreciate what those headlines mean to a stock price and why the price will move on that headline.

The more you know, the better decisions you make... even short-term traders.
You will need a trading coach to sort it all out. Believe it.

Coordinate this page with the Off-Chart Checklist and the Chart Checklist page.

stock trading

The links below are to different sites. Get the information you need and return here for more data points.

Company Profile
A quick overview of what the company does.
Analyst Estimates
What do the overpaid analyst think about the company?
Company News
Recent news for the stock. Always check news
just before you hit the buy or sell button.
 Cash Flow Statement
Does the company generate cash?
Opinion Indicators
How do the technicals look for the stock?
Institutional Buy/Sell Data
Are institutional investors buying or selling this stock?
Earnings Calendar
When does the company report their earnings next?
Major Shareholders
Who are the major shareholders of this stock?
Compare To Stocks In Same Industry
How do they stack up against competitors?
 Insiders Report
Are these guys/gals buying or selling their company stock?
Income Statement
Does the company make money?
Return on Equity
Making money could be important.
.. (ya think?)
Balance Sheet
Are they financially healthy?
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